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Essential Leadership Workshops: Is your organisation walking on a tightrope?

Is your organisation walking on a tightrope? Introducing dynamic workshops for leaders in the Charity sector to boost the capacity and capability of their organisations. Workshop: Essential steps to building a growth-driven organisational development plan Friday, 12th December 2014, 2.30pm ...

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Mastering the art of strategic reviews

How effective is the strategic review process in your organisation? A planned and structured strategic review process is probably one of the most important investments an organisation can make to: Help ensure that it is on track for meeting its objectives; Deep dive ...

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Do conflicts of interest on your Board put a break on the decision making process?

Over the years we have worked with numerous organisations where matters that are seen to be conflicts of interest have threatened their progress and even existence. Common issues have included: The position and involvement of the founder/CEO; Lack of impartiality ...

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Check! Pitfalls in ticking the Diversity box in the Public Sector

Are some Public Sector bodies simply “box-ticking” when seeking people from BME communities to join their Boards? We believe that there are many ways in which Boards can lead by example and bring about strategic and real change from ...

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Action Learning for Charity Leaders

Are you an organisational leader looking for an opportunity to engage with your peers in the sector in order to: Share ideas with other leaders in order to drive innovation, inspire your teams, and improve performance and productivity? Solve issues that you face in ...

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To partner or not to partner?

Developing sector partnerships and collaborations can bring promising opportunities for cooperation, innovation and service development, however benefits can often be overshadowed by differences in agreeing mutual aims and objectives, clashing cultures, and being focused on one’s own organization ...

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