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So, who looks after the leader?

Investing in the development of capacity in organisations simply isn’t enough. Even their leaders require support and inspiration to replenish their own resources and build their own personal capacity.

Successful leaders tend to place the organisation before their own personal and professional needs. But who said that the vessel that pours has a divine source that continually replenishes it?

Here are our top 7 tips for making sure that your own nourishment needs at a personal level are met:

  1. Stop, or slow down, and focus on your level of self-awareness: taking time out to take stock of “number one”. Keep a journal and for just a few minutes a day jot down your thoughts and “aha” moments
  2. Thinking less about the organization, and more about yourself, connect with your own dreams to release your energy, passion and excitement about life. Does this tell you if you have a good work-life balance and what quality of life means to you and for you?
  3. Invest in your personal development and get an insight into your inner world and discover what gets you out of bed in the morning and what can help get you good sleep at night. This might be more of a challenge turning inwards to think about yourself than about your work
  4. Learn about and consider practicing mindfulness and see the transformation through new energy and focus that it brings to your life. Being mindful is being present. Being still.
  5. Get in touch with your own head and heart: head to bring clarity to your vision for own your personal growth, and heart to focus on developing your emotional intelligence
  6. Become aware of yourself as the carrier of power and presence that you could use to influence your life’s trajectory and achieving your own personal vision
  7. Encourage feedback from others so that they can comment on where they see your energy, your strengths and opportunities

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