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This year’s World Health Day focuses on vector-borne diseases, which includes Malaria and Yellow Fever. Over 1 billion people infected and 1 million deaths is unacceptable.

Here are 10 reasons that we think need to be on the list of priorities for leaders in charge of health economies in high risk areas around the world:

  1. View good and basic healthcare as a fundamental and basic human right for every person
  2. Pump resources into their healthcare economy that makes health and social care more physically accessible, especially for poor people who live in isolated, hard to reach and rural areas
  3. Improve the quality in health education for communities so that they can better manage diseases such as malaria, which may be treatable or avoidable with simple measures
  4. Support programmes and initiatives that involve local leaders and communities, civil society organisations, businesses and the government, stimulating debate and prioritising prevention
  5. Promote innovation in health management to trial new solutions in tackling the issue of avoidable conditions
  6. Adopt an integrated view to solving the problems associated with diseases such as Malaria, Lyme disease and Dengue Fever – a holistic view of issues concerning poverty, education, loss of livelihoods, geography and environment, sanitation, deforestation and loss of bio-diversity, and poor housing – can all contribute
  7. Raise the level of awareness and self education on all health related matters, and then step up to the plate in leading to make the greatest impact that can be made to people exposed to the risks
  8. Work closely with funders and civil society organisations to conduct needs assessments, share learning, and measure impact
  9. Inspire other leaders, at micro and macro levels, to make this a priority in their own agendas and policy frameworks
  10. Celebrate and shout about achieving successful outcomes in managing the risks and saving lives!

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