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The size of an organization’s footprint matters more than the size its bank balance

Organisations often consider size and success in terms of the level of income. However it is our view that the size of the footprint, not the money brought in, that matters more.

Here is a dilemma for you to consider for one moment.

Place yourself in a donor’s shoes and imagine that if you had £10,000 to donate to a good cause, what type of organization would you consider giving the sum to, particularly if it was a choice between two very different organisations? A well-known one whose brand you “trust” because of its profile, or a small one who you haven’t heard of before but have evidence that it achieves high impact in the communities it serves? Where do you think your money would go further?

This is not to say that high profile charities do not achieve high impact, but it might be a question that you would want to ask yourself before you part with your money.

Of course, the area of philanthropy is much more complex than this and people have different motives and drivers for giving. But it is a challenge that smaller organisations face in trying to work out fundraising approaches. They often have to work much harder at the game of convincing – because they may not have the brand value and public profile.

Where would you put your money?

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