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Ki-Rin’s Organisational Health Check

• Is your organisation fit for the purpose for which it was set up?
• Is it delivering the results that you wish it would deliver?
• Is it impacting on the communities that it is meant to serve?

Could you do with some help in determining what the underlying causes are?

The Ki-Rin Organisational Health Check is a 360º audit of your organisation that identifies the areas that require some attention or solving so that it is on course to deliver on your Mission.

Our consultancy service involves a process that considers the effectiveness of your internal processes and systems, governance and strategy and provides you with practical recommendations and a roadmap to achieve a higher impact for the communities that you serve.

The Health Check

• Strategic architecture: Mission, Aims and Objectives
• Leadership and Governance
• Organizational structure and Capacity
• Management and Operational Effectiveness
• Impact of services
• Financial position and sustainability
• Fundraising and Marketing

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