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Malaria: Preventing 600,000+ deaths

It was World Malaria Day recently.

600k+ deaths from this deadly disease are preventable. An opportunity to raise our individual and collective consciousness to do something about it. Here’s how:

Malaria is preventable and treatable, and in fact can be eliminated. It occurs in nearly 100 countries, exacting a toll on human health and imposing a heavy social and economic burden in developing countries. Most of the deaths from this disease are children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whilst the prevalence of it has gone down, thanks to increased funding over the last decade that has led to improvements in drugs and insecticide resistance, it still poses a risk in resurgence if the efforts are not sustained.

What we can all do about it is largely dependent on sustained investments and political will, something we can all voice our concerns about. But those of us who feel that we want to do it quietly or feel unable to voice our concerns, then engage with a charity to donate your time, money or networks. Help them to engage leaders, rally the public, and deliver life-saving tools and education to families who are affected.

Here are a few that we recommend to get you started:

Malaria No More

The Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria Consortium

Let’s wipe it out for good.

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