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Mastering the art of strategic reviews

How effective is the strategic review process in your organisation?

A planned and structured strategic review process is probably one of the most important investments an organisation can make to:

  • Help ensure that it is on track for meeting its objectives;
  • Deep dive in one or more areas of your services
  • Test and realign assumptions and expectations;
  • Review key performance indicators

In addition to this, we always advise our clients to use this process as an opportunity to:

  • Engage stakeholders so they can contribute and engage in the organisation’s growth and success;
  • Use it as a creative and dynamic platform for everyone to ask tough questions, challenge and share ideas;
  • Evaluate the organisational culture and values;
  • Establish a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach that ensures buy-in from everyone;
  • See if strategy implementation is in place.

Of the clients we have engaged with over the last two years, 38% have a formal strategic review process in place, and of those 64% is a Board-only affair.

Your organisational strategy might already be on track and robust. But if you need a second opinion on it or if you require help in planning a strategic review then we may be able to help.

We are offering a 25% discount to strategy sessions booked* before 1st December 2014.
* (session should take place by 31st March 2015)
All enquires about this or for increasing your organisation’s capacity and effectiveness please email

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