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To partner or not to partner?

Developing sector partnerships and collaborations can bring promising opportunities for cooperation, innovation and service development, however benefits can often be overshadowed by differences in agreeing mutual aims and objectives, clashing cultures, and being focused on one’s own organization rather than seeing the wider picture.  Here are our Top 10 tips when considering a partnership approach:

  1. Has a shared vision been articulated and aims and objectives for the partnership been agreed?
  2. How does this shared vision translate into the organisations’ priorities, objectives and action plans?
  3. What is the joint understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations and what outcomes will the organisations wish to see for them?
  4. What level of consultation has there been internally and externally and are the people with you on this journey?
  5. Are the organisations clear about the resources, financial and non-financial, required to deliver the shared service objectives with a credible risk mitigation plan in place?
  6. What is the buy-in from leaders – at organizational and service levels?
  7. Have clear lines of accountability and communication in relation to the partnership been articulated?
  8. Have the organisations agreed measures to track and monitor the progress in the partnership work?
  9. Does the project plan describe coherently how impact will be demonstrated and measured?
  10. Is the partnership genuinely working together to deliver joined-up services to achieve best value and quality outcomes for all stakeholders?

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