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Our Services

Consultancy, People Development, Organisational Healthcheck


We inspire individuals, teams and organisations to change, grow and succeed.

The work we do spans every area of organisational development and strategy, from intelligence gathering to developing individuals and teams. Clients contact us when they require ideas and experienced help to implement a strategic initiative or solve an organisational challenge.

If you need fresh insights or don’t have the experience and resource to tackle a particular challenge, we can provide what is missing.

Our work helps leaders inspire their teams, create meaningful change, deliver high performance, and create growth.


Usually a route followed by organisations seeking to develop capacity or enhance performance, we help organisations to analyse the issues in hand and develop plans and processes for improvement and implementation. No one knows your organisation better than you, so we will work closely with you to find out exactly what you need to achieve, and then recommend fresh approaches, techniques or processes that have worked for clients in other organisations that could also benefit you.

People Development

Our People Development programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation, across a range of organisational development areas. We do this through:

  • Training and Group Facilitation: Our skilled and experienced facilitators can work with groups to provide a dynamic and experiential environment for learning and development. Our work focuses on identifying the team’s critical success factors. which need to be in place in order to raise team and organisational performance
  • Executive Coaching: We take people where they are unable to take themselves, helping them to set goals and plan the strategy to achieve measurable results. The main aim would be to improving relationships and enhancing performance.
  • Action Learning: Action learning solves problems of all kinds and develops leaders through a dynamic and action-based peer-learning approach. This method of learning is delivered to a group of participants over a series of regular and structured sessions. Visit our Ki-Rin dynamics site for further information.

Organisational Healthcheck

If organisations are to grow, perform at high levels, and last the test of time, then they must pursue organisational health. The Ki-Rin healthcheck has been designed to examine every part of your organisation. Our assessment will provide you with a comprehensive set of recommendations on improving your governance and management structures and processes, strategy, income generation, and provide you with a road map for sustainable organisational growth. We will also support you in the development of your organisational development plan.


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