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Welcome to Ki-Rin

The home of getting inspiration
and nourishment for your organisation.

In the world of plenty we often struggle with the choices available to us. In the world of paucity people struggle to survive because there is little choice available to them.

What choices are available to you?

At Ki-Rin we believe that organisations can choose to strengthen their position by reengaging with their core purpose and values, and investing their drive and resources into a well informed roadmap to achieve greater outcomes and impact for the people they serve. We engage with charities and other non-profit organisations in the area of organisational development and capacity building through consultancy, training and action learning.

Our Mission is to spark social change by supporting the development of non-profit organisations and their leaders in order to increase their impact in the communities they serve. Read more.

Our Services

Develop your organisation’s CAPACITY
Strengthen your governance, strategy and internal systems and processes to minimise risks and be confident in your ability to perform and deliver with results. More »

Increase your organisation’s IMPACT
Review your Mission and Strategic Objectives to see if your strategic architecture is fit for purpose and that it provides transparency and value to your stakeholders. More »

Elevate your organisation’s INFLUENCE
Develop a greater influence on your stakeholders by understanding your leadership presence, and adopting the skills and techniques to increase their support and complement your fundraising efforts. More »

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